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E350 chinook 4x4

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Member Posts: 55 Total likes: 0. If you are planning on MX or similar with it, CT is a good choice. Allen will build you a engine that is not flashy but puts power to the ground and doesn't wear you out, if that's not what you are after I would continue shopping. One should also keep in mind that when they look at a CT Pro X it probably isn't altered much considering he was the designer of it, my LRD Pro X looks very plain also for the record but runs nothing like a unported cylinder.

Quote from: RyanWsly; Snowmaker10 Jr. Member Posts: 71 Total likes: 0. I have 2 CT power valve cylinders and my turn around time was actually rather fast for sending a cylinder from California and also I sent him another one I had and had him set it up with a new piston and it was just as quick. I have talked extensively with Allen and he is very knowledgable.

His "porting" is lack luster unless you really talk with HIM and make sure he does the porting. My opinion so people don't jump on me. Im glad your happy with him. I was not and will never use him again. Quote from: fearlessfred; Quote from: Fearr; Just got of the phone with CT and apparently the cylinder I sent them has a Rotax power valve and they said it's on old design and to upgrade to their new style. Isn't the rotax PV a fairly good design if I remember correctly? I'm not sure if this PV works as the engine came in pieces but it looked OK.

I do need a gasket it for it so if i decided to run the rotax PV then where do i get parts? Quote from: JoePA; You should be able to get the PV parts at your local Ski Doo dealer if you know the part number. Service Honda also sells them. The part number for the gasket is Welcome, Guest.

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Kimber 1911 lw

What do you guys think of the CT racing cylinders? Cylinder is ported for what ever its going to be used for with proper dome. It seems like a pretty good deal or is there a better option? Morser Sr. Member Posts: Total likes: 0. I bought a blank cylinder from CT and had it drop shipped to Neil for a full port job. I had the crank work done locally.

Is the rebuild of the crank just labor or does it includes parts? Same thing for the bottom end, will everything be replaced or just checked out? This is exactly what I got from Allen Yes for that price you send us your bottom end, we split it, inspect it, and re-build the crank main bearings and seals are included, with the exception of the water pump seal, we don't go through the water pump, as there is nothing to see, it's either good or leaking. Cutting cases and all is included we assemble the top end onto your bottom end.

Cylinder is fully ported, and race ready. Compression is set to what you are willing to burn for fuel. If you want to know about CT there is plenty of bad publicity out there to knaw on.

CT's cylinders are made by ProX if i remember correctly, basically a ProX with nikasil platingCT's porting is lack luster and nothing special in my eyes equal to the esr clean up porting.

I may just have Neil port a cylinder for me and just be done with it. I haven't checked ESR prices to compare. Blank cylinder was when I got mine a few years back. Also, it sounds like it's just crank bearings and seals, not all throughout the bottom end. If you were gonna send CT your whole motor, why not just send it to Neil? You'll get a better bang for your buck and not some cookie cutter porting.If you are looking for performance you have come to the right place! We carry pistons, valves, fuel controllers, intake kits, clutches, and so much more.

We also specialize in many performance modifications and services. We offer porting, 3 or 5 angle valve jobs, dyno tuning, and even complete motor building services. So if you dont see it here then give us a call or email us. Kit Includes: CT Racing port work, cylinder decking, head re-chambering, modified piston kit, cylinder spacer plate, and top end gasket set.

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PSI Genesis 425cc Big Bore Kit for your 250R

Call for more details. This is the best all around pipe ever made for the R. This is the best all around pipe ever made for the ATCR. Fits stock airbox. This head gasket is paper thin at only. It actually would raise the compression a bit too much for pump gas, so we supply two base gaskets raising the cylinder up slightly. This acts like mild porting.

ct racing 250r

It sets the compression for pump gas and picks up about 4 HP with a wider power curve and more bottom-end power. Winderosa Gaskets are extremely high quality US made gasket sets. Includes wrist pin bearing. Main bearings not included. This kit includes main bearings, seals, gaskets, and crank. Gain an average of 3HP in the bottom and midrange, and significant boost in throttle response. Allows you to adapt larger carbs to your ATV.However, Honda recently stopped producing the R due to a high volume of leftover models sitting on dealer floors.

In time, Honda will restart the R assembly lines. But what rolls off that line may be radically different and much more technologically advanced than the R and the R.

Before the current R becomes old news and the last R turns to dust, we decided to put the two head to head to see how they compare. In a drag race, the four-stroke would always get a slight jump. It never pulled away, and both machines topped out at 74 mph, according to our Garmin GPS. Keep in mind there are still tons of aftermarket companies selling components for the R, and this two-stroke is a heck of a lot cheaper to rebuild than any modern four-stroke However, many of the stock components, such as bodywork, are becoming increasingly difficult to come by.

Service life of the both machines is about the same at approximately hours, or half that for a high-compression race engine. However, keep in mind a four-stroke should also have its valves adjusted every 20 hours. About the only thing you go through more on a two-stoke engine versus a four-stroke mill are spark plugs.

To make this comparison happen, we convinced Knowls to let us ride his own personal cherry R. We also replaced the crusty front shocks with a set of shocks off a EX. This is a typical, cost-effective setup you might see the casual trail or track rider do. You can contact CT Racing at CT Racing freshened up this R engine for us. It ran like a top. POWER UP The single cylinder in the R is liquid-cooled with forward kick-starting, and you do have to hand mix the gasoline with two-stroke oil at a ratio.

Liquid-cooling is also found on the four-stroke R along with an electric radiator fan. In addition, the four-stroke head is equipped with four valves operated by a single overhead cam. Fuel and air is still fed to the R engine through a conventional carburetor similar to the one on the R, which is over two decades old.

All of the other Japanese sport quads built today are equipped with electronic fuel injection. No one ever accused Honda of being the first to try things in the ATV world.

However, using proven methods and components is what gave them that great reliability record they are known for, not to mention many race wins and series championships over the years. According to the dyno at CT Racing, the old R puts out an impressive horsepower number of 36 with 27 foot-pounds of torque. A dyno run on the showed slightly more ponies with a 44 horsepower reading and an impressive 31 foot-pounds of torque. Keep in mind, just about every engine hop-up shop still sells pistons, cylinders and exhaust systems to improve both sets of numbers on the R.

Our dyno runs were completed with CT Racing exhaust systems installed on both machines. With CT Racing exhaust systems installed on both machines, the R put out 44 horsepower, versus only 36 for the R. The torque numbers were also impressive on the thumper, with 31 foot-pounds versus 27 foot-pounds. In the chassis department, the differences are a bit more subtle.

Up front, both machines are dual A-arm equipped, along with dual-hydraulic disc brakes.

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The shocks on the R are not decades better than those on the R, but they are better. InHonda equipped the R with front shocks that were pre-load-only adjustable. What is different is that the front shocks are now rebuildable, internally tuneable, and have compression and rebound adjusters.

They offer up a half-inch more travel with 8. The front brakes have been improved as well, with the addition of smaller, lighter, dual-piston calipers versus the single-piston binders of old.It has been almost 10 years since the R saw a major racing win in the U. However, the used ATV market is full of fairly clean Rs for sale. The legendary two-stroke is a do-it-all high-performance machine.

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Its lightweight and strong two-stroke power makes it a great duner or solid trail machine. Its precise cornering ability and reliability reputation made it a great racer on any type of track. In the 10 to 15 years from when Honda stopped building the to when four-strokes became commonplace, the ATV aftermarket thrived, building replacement parts and reinventing components to keep this machine alive.

Those parts and companies are still around. Although their focus may be on modern technology, you can still find them selling parts and maintaining Rs for generations to come. That leads us to our current project machine, a complete restoration of an old R that some of the Dirt Wheels crew used to take to the races.

This former race quad has been stored for over five years and now returns as an awesome trail and dune quad. This product, along with the rest of the aftermarket, kept the R as a competitive race machine. The ProX cylinder has proven itself as a reliable addition to the R.

The race wins and championship totals of racers using a ProX Cylinder around the world are endless. To date, there have been over ProX cylinders produced.

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In the interchangeable dome head was developed to go along with the ProX cylinder, and ina complete billet head was added. The is the do-everything motor, for MX, XC, trail and sand.

The cc package we used is a little more aggressive while still having an MX-style power curve, which is also great for sand use. The is a on steroids.

How Much Is Your Honda 250R Worth?

The Power Valve version adds a valve that blocks off the top of the port at low rpm, and then pops open as throttle and rpm are added; this simply widens the power curve. CT offers packages that include splitting the cases, rebuilding or replacing the cranks, main bearings and seals, along with a full bottom-end inspection.

They will sell any of the parts separately, even top ends unported for the do-it-yourself builder. For our build, being a West Coast quad with lots of sand areas to ride, we went with the motor non-Power Valve package. They have shipping instructions with photos showing you how to package and ship on www. The complete motor package includes the motor work, a CT Racing pipe and silencer, Delta V-Force 3 reed cage, intake manifold, Keihin carburetor and a throttle cable.

1988 Honda Trx250r Motorcycles for sale

CT offers many upgrades to the package, such as painting or polishing the motor, and has many add-on trinkets for bling, like billet water-pump covers, ignition covers, case savers and Hinson quick-change clutch covers.

At that time, Arens frames were considered the strongest out there. The Arens product is a robotic Mig-welded, tubular, chromoly frame with a removable subframe. According to Arens, robotic Mig welding offers a stronger weld than Tig, with better control over heat and penetration. The frame utilizes almost all of the stock components, with the exception of the rear brake pedal.

It takes an aluminum CR bike brake lever. CT has 20 of the frames on order, and they should be available not long after you read this. For suspension, our project machine utilizes a set of JB Racing fully adjustable A-arms and a steel tubular swingarm.

The stock Honda frame and swingarm are constructed entirely of square tubing, which was okay for general trail riding and the sand dunes, but it would not hold up to racing abuse. Our racer featured top-of-the-line Elka shocks, which may not have been as good as the Ohlins, Custom Axis and PEP shocks of the day that the top pros were using.

They were half the price, though, and performed great for us.It combined a lightweight frame and good handling, with a liquid-cooled two-stroke engine and six-speed close-ratio transmission.

Although only being manufactured for four years, the "R", as it was known, was long a primary choice for ATV racers until the resurgence of factory involvement and usage of four-stroke engines in sport ATV's beginning in and Although mechanically similar, Honda detuned the engine for use in the Fourtrax, through reduced compression and less aggressive porting, to ensure that the added weight of the quad would not adversely affect the reliability of the engine.

ct racing 250r

The model year, now absent the three-wheelers due to the CPSC ban, saw the engine receive a five-millimeter longer connecting rod, accompanied by a piston with a wrist pin bore raised five millimeters. Additionally, the cylinder was changed to include a bridged intake. Most of the chassis of the Fourtrax remained the same.

The model year brought the most dramatic changes to the TRXR. Additionally a shorter aluminum swing arm was added, but the frame lengthened such that the overall wheelbase was slightly greater. Aesthetically, the Fourtrax's headlight was moved from the handlebars to a mount molded into the hood. This was also the only year to be available with red fenders. For the TRXR received few changes. Most notable was the use of a needle bearing in the clutch pressure plate, for smoother action.

This needle bearing was a necessary upgrade for the TRXR, as well [3]. The color was returned to white for its final year. While raced in mostly stock form in its earliest years, by the time production rules were initiated only about six of the TRXR's components had to be purchased from Honda [3]. Initially, items that were subject to the most abuse from racing were the first to be remade.

Originally made of die cast aluminum, the clutch basket was found to be weak when power was increased or subjected to race conditions. The first aftermarket clutch basket was a machined steel piece campaigned by Gary Denton in A regular trend that started on the Fourtrax that would not carry over to the four strokes was the use of aftermarket frames. Stock frames on most mass-produced quads are made of mild steel and, though suitable for recreational use, will quickly develop cracks when raced.

Without new quads available after the model year, stronger replacement frames for racing were soon needed. The first altered geometry frame was introduced by JP Racing a short while later.

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Bya myriad of aftermarket frames could be had from numerous manufacturers in both stock and altered geometry, made of steel and aluminum.

Though Honda was initially concerned with reliability and detuned the original cc motor, with the release of the Pro-X pro-cross cylinder and head inthe R's displacement could be increased well into the cc range by changing the cylinder alone. Additionally, this and other aftermarket cylinders offered advanced port layout for more tuning options.

With modifications to the transmission cases, later aftermarket cylinders and crankshafts permitted engine displacements to reach cc's. The last version of the Pro-X cylinder, as well as others, also added an exhaust operated powervalvea feature that was left off the R but used almost universally by the competition, as well as in Two-Stroke motocross bikes since the mid-eighties.

Although great increases in displacement and power became possible, the TRXR's transmission did have its limits, and gear strength became an issue. To allow for the larger engines a joint venture between Baldwin Motorsports and Timken Bearing, in the 90's, produced a set of stronger aftermarket gears.

These gears permitted engines over cc's to be reliably raced.So many people are digging them out of barns and back yards, rebuilding them and some are restoring them into showroom condition. The million dollar question, is how much is my R worth? Well that depends on a few factors, including condition, modifications and location.

ct racing 250r

The most sought after are complete quads from the rust free South Western parts of the country. Certainly these companies would be happy to sell you new items for your R as well so keep them in mind. Dale, not only builds killer machines to ride, he has a keen eye in picking out a R that is better off parted out and sold of to people like you trying to keep yours running.

We have listed a few dozen stock and aftermarket parts along with recent pricing and pictures, so you know what to expect to pay for parts you are looking for or what you might get, if you have a few of these components laying around to sell. We have listed a few dozen OEM parts and a half a dozen aftermarket parts for you to get an idea of what's out there. View the discussion thread.

1986 Honda ATC 250R

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